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About us

Indian Journal of Transfusion Medicine (IJTM) is an effort to provide an opportunity for collaboration of all stake holders of Transfusion Medicine Domain in India for the betterment of this community on continual basis.

Transfusion Medicine has stakeholders coming from different walks of life viz.,
  1. Clinicians and Hospitals who decide on the very need for the this emergency drug,
  2. Patients who is at the receiving end of this life saving mechanism,
  3. Blood Banks who collect, process, store and issue blood as and when required,
  4. The voluntary blood donor who selflessly donates his blood for saving life of another human being whom he doesn’t know in general.
  5. Vendors who supply various instruments, machineries, consumables and necessary services etc. for the entire value chain of blood transfusion system,
  6. Regulatory Authorities viz., FDA, Government Bodies, Accreditation Boards such as NABH.
This forum aims at connecting all these stakeholders for effective interactions and free flow of information, ideas and best practices across the domain.
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IJTM is operating with a vision of bringing in optimum levels of collaboration amongst all the stake-holders of Transfusion Medicine. This is aimed at lifting effectiveness of entire domain of Transfusion Medicine in India.
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To achieve its vision, IJTM would follow the road map as follows:
  • Provide one for all platform for all the stake holders of Transfusion Medicine in India
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing through various initiatives including Half-yearly issue of its Journal.
  • Facilitate Research & Development in Transfusion Medicine
  • Reward & Recognition for Talent in this field of Public Health
  • Benchmark Global Best Practices in the field of Transfusion Medicine and facilitate their application in our region.
  • Provide online learning facilities for professional attached with Transfusion Medicine
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IJTM as a professional forum operates on following core values:
  • Intigrity
  • Quality
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Indianness
  • Respect & Humility
  • Openness
  • Self Reliance
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